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Virtual reality

Whether you are 4, 5 or 77 and over, no age limit, why deprive yourself of sensations?

Come see our 3D « eggs »

Dive into a universe (about sixty possible themes including 30 interactive games), interract with the scene using the joysticks, and live in 3 dimensions with the dinosaurs,brush against them, touch them … swim with the sirens, dance with Violetta, go karting with your favorite turtle or fight Terminator.

There is something for all ages, all tastes … all the thrills …

Indoor tree climbing

Monkey bridge, creepers, obstacles, a real « lego ninja »

… oops! sneaking, crawling, climbing

…Yes, but….

But also bypass, pass obstacles … Ah! it moves

And there ???? What do I do ???? Ok! Must pass the feet through the holes … then … . ok I’m going anyway I have a harness, I’m sure … hihihi like a real pro!

Indoor park in Brussels

Ouuuwwaahhhh a playground with toboggans, swimming pool ball pit and …. What’s that? You have to go see that as soon as possible … my friend, no more excuse you’re 3 years old now you can come too. I’m looking at a cannonball, obstacles, games of … uh … ok… let’s say new games that I do not know yet. I feel like it’s going to be hard to get us out of there, it’s maaagic !!! I want some….

Track hoverboard

It’s really there … overboard is present in the park and for more security a track is dedicated for overboard only.

So what are you waiting for ? come and try the hoverboard. We are waiting for you.

Your indoor Playground for children ( your in door amusement park) from 3 to 10 years old

25-27, Bd. Emile Bockstael 1020 Bruxelles





Indoor heated playground in winter and air-conditioned in summer for children from 3 to 10 years old

Jump, crawl, sneak, scream, climb, roll, imagine 3D world … safely: it’s possible all year long at the Magic Fun Factory. Playground indoor recreational par excellence with a large area equipped with the latest games in fashion, secure, for children from 3 to 10 years.

Magic Fun Factory, organizes for you Magic birthday parties that will make the day unforgettable for both the child and his friends.

A varied catering is at your disposal with our open kitchen: various sandwiches, pasta, salads, soups, paninis, pancakes, waffles, multiple juices, snack … etc.


Want to offer something other than leisurely recreation to your little cuties?

The Magic Fun Factory is a sporty variation to the passivity of television, video games, tablets, smartphones … etc.

Group activity totally secure, this indoor playground (slides, labyrinths, ball baths, pyramid, bouncy castles and many other sources of fun for children …) of nearly 600 m² dedicated to children from 3 to 10 years brings them fun while allowing parents to also take turns in a 3D world.

Drinks, snacks, reading magazines, preparing for the next meeting (free wifi) or simple discussions with friends for parents …

Kids and Parents will enjoy themselves by coming to the Magic Fun Factory.

Our Kitchen

We offer parents while their little darlings have fun at all times a diversified catering with our open kitchen: various sandwiches, pasta, salads, soups, paninis, pancakes, waffles, multiple juices, snack … etc.


Entrance to the playground is free from 13 years old. You enjoy free of charge a pleasant space: heated, clean, welcoming. It is therefore normal for any drink or food to be purchased at the bar. It is strictly forbidden to consume on the spot drinks or foods brought from outside. Note: Children over 10 years old who enter the plain free of charge do not have the right to play games. Their size and weight are no longer suitable and will seriously damage the facilities. Thank you for respecting this rule.

Schedule & Prices




  •  Friday: 15:30 to 19:30

  •  Wednesday: 12:30 to 19:00

  •  Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and school holidays (7d / 7): 10H to 19H

Price: (time limit 3 hours max.)

Anti-skid socks mandatory: 2 € the pair (please s.v.p. bring them if you have them not to have to buy them)

  •  Friday: From 12 months to 3 years = 5 € and from 3 years to 10 years 7 €
  •  Wednesday: From 12 months to 3 years = 5 € and from 3 years to 10 years 10 €
  • Weekend, public holidays and school holidays (7d / 7): From 12 months to 3 years = 5 € and from 3 years to 10 years 10 €
  • Subscription 10 entries (only Saturday, Sunday, holidays and school holidays) for 90 €
  • Free for parents
  • Special prize for groups (more than 15 people), schools, communities, non-profit organizations …

Extra games:

  1. Overboards 2€ for 15 minutes
  2. 3D egg chairs 5 € session of 6.5 min


Anniversary price per child

Formule 1 12€

entrance fee, non-slip socks,
birthday table decoration, water carafes and jugs of grenadine juice, chips, cake provided by you

Formule 2 16€

droit d’entrée, chaussettes antidérapantes,
décoration table anniversaire, carafes d’eau et carafes de jus grenadine, chips, gâteau fourni par nous uniquement pour les enfants

Formule 3 18€

entrance fee, non-slip socks,
Birthday table decoration, water carafes and jugs of grenadine juice, chips, cake provided by us and a piece of baguette pizza per child

Anniversary – Event

Birthday Magic Fun

Invitation cards, a reserved and decorated table (disposable silverware), a large cake (see catalog) and sparkler candles, drinks (jugs of grenadine-mints-apple-oranges juice and water at will), sweets, a surprise for the birthday child and access to games for an unlimited time


1 / The reservation is final after receipt of a deposit 10 days before the party.
2 / The number of participants must be confirmed at least 3 days before the party.
3 / In case of cancellation (10 days before the party), the deposit will be refunded as entrance tickets.
4 / In case of cancellation (<10 days before the party), the deposit will not be refunded.
5 / In case of illness, the anniversary can be postponed without charge except for the cake if it has been ordered.
6 / A cake will only be ordered if a deposit has been paid (or paid)
7 / Any food or drink from outside is forbidden.
8 / In case of non-respect a package of 10 € per person will be requested.
9 / Water and grenadine are for children only. In case of non-compliance, the € 1.5 fee will be applied per parent.
10 / The bags must be distributed at the exit of the playground .

The Magic Fun Factory team thanks you for your understanding and your sense of responsibility.

Fun Event

To bring families and their children closer, colleagues and their children at events such as: baptisms, family day, St Nicolas’ party and holidays  celebrations … etc.


Our goal is to help you facilitate the success of your project by taking charge of the organization of your event.

For more information


In order to have a good time at the Magic Fun Factory.
We advise parents / guardians and children to become aware of and adhere to the following rules:

1. The children are under the responsibility of the parents or guardians, so you must provide a sufficient number for the group. The Magic Fun Factory employees are not nannies or babysitters.

2. The age and capacity indicated on each playground must be respected.

3. Jewelery and accessories are prohibited in the playgrounds.

4. Children must wear non-slip socks for reasons of hygiene, otherwise access will be prohibited (non-slip socks will be available for purchase at the desk).

5. It is forbidden to eat or drink in the playgrounds.

6. It is forbidden to climb the nets of the playgrounds and the walls of the bouncy castles, to ride on the slides in the opposite direction, to take the mobile games out of their park.

7. It is forbidden to bring drinks, meals and snacks to Magic fun Factury, a cafeteria is at your disposal.

8. For security reasons, it is forbidden to run in the cafeteria area.

9. The management is not responsible in case of theft.

10. Respect for all persons and goods present in the Magic Fun Factory is essential.

11. The management reserves the right to exclude from the playground without refund any person who behaves in an undisciplined manner.

12. Pets are forbidden.


The Magic Fun Factory team thanks you and wishes you a pleasant moment

Wear socks at Magic Fun Factory

1 ° As a safety measure:

our socks are anti-slip, they prevent your children from sliding and attaching themselves to the toy.

2 ° For hygienic reasons:

you do not want your children to have fungal infections or warts, only one solution, wearing socks, which prevents contact with the feet of other children.



25-27, Bd. Emile Bockstael 
1020 Bruxelles
TEL: +32 2 280 34 84
GSM: +32 495 23 49 38
FAX: +32 2 427 18 90
Email: info@magicfunfactory.net
This 25/05/2018 came into force the General Regulation on Data Protection in accordance with the law of 11 December 1998 transposing Directive 95/46 / EC of 24 October 1995 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The Bmcf sprl that manages the Magic Fun Factory banner assembles your data for the sole purpose of processing your booking. These data are neither licensed nor sold to any third parties or companies. Any user has a right of access, rectification.

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Train :      Pannenhuis Station 7 min 2,6 km

Metro :    Pannenhuis  4 min 300m

Stib Bus :         Pouchkine Station : n°88, n°89

De Lijn  Bus:   n°230, n°231, n°232, n°240, n°241, n°242, n°243, n°245, n°250, n°251, n°260

Magic Fun Factory

25-27, Bd. Emile Bockstael 1020 Bruxelles